Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10.22.13 Morning nice, evening nice, mid afternoon....not so much

     I had a short window to run outside on the boat. The morning was beautiful.....the afternoon....a little snotty. The wind was from 10-15 first from the southwest then a little better when it west. Just as I made my way down the clouds started to show and it looked a little ominous. As I turned north I saw the sky full of birds....find the birds.....you'll find the bait......and the bass. There was birds and bait but only a few marks of bass and none would take a fly. I think the mass exodus of the bait from the bays and rivers has started.....that means it should draw the bass and blues in. I stayed out a few hours

and on the way in found a nice little honey hole that gave a trio of schoolie bass. They weren't big, but good fish, as they were in current and fly fishing and driving the boat for a good drift was a little tricky, but fun.