Monday, October 21, 2013

10.21.13 Some days the best fishing is just watching and learning...

     Hey, we'd all like to get to a spot and wet a line and catch a fish or two. Today I hit the Jersey "The End" or "The Top" or "The Tip" and spent more time watching and learning then hauling and retrieving. And you know what, I was alright with that. With boat trips coming up towards the end of the week it was cool to scout out and watch how the boats fished this very cool water.

     I was alone except for a half a dozen spin and fly anglers spread out around the tip. I was there for about 2-1/2 hours and saw one fluke caught, and a hickory shad get hooked, jump, and get unbuttoned. 
I fished a bit as the water left slack and start to ebb without a bite. I found a nice and intact chair and planted myself and just took in the show and the beautiful day. 

Tomorrow I'll be out at work in the boat searching for the bass and the stupidly huge bluefish that have invaded the inshore waters.