Saturday, October 26, 2013

10.26.13 Don't put away those Snake Flies just yet......

     Hit it at 4 a.m. with a few hours left on the outgoing. It was a little chilly with the air temps at 38 degrees, but that's helping get the water down to 60 which is what I found on the boat yesterday. Started with a sand eel pattern before snagging this corn cob mullet in the wash. Time to switch flies. Went with the Snake Fly to match the hatch but had no takers. With the low water the mullet were stuck in between the beach and the sand bar, a perfect ambush spot for bass and blues. 

     I fished until I couldn't feel my fingers anymore and just watched and waited as the tide flipped. Flat glass-like conditions out there except for the birds on sand eels and the bat traffic starting. We had nine days of a northeast blow, now have this west-northwest, southwest steady winds for a bunch of days. We need it to flip and get some stripery surflike conditions to get the fish excited to hit the bat on the beach.