Monday, September 30, 2013

09.30.13 Nice morning in big surf with Ron.....and always love triangular packages on my stoop

     Had Dr. Ron out as the tide started to ebb to just about low tide. Plenty of big surf and white water but not a bite. The current moon phase - a waning crescent- means a weak tide with a tidal range of bout 3 feet. On a big moon tide it could be range as much as 6 feet. So whatever surf we had was big but not a lot of moving water. We saw no bait, no birds, and no fish. Ron fished hard and we moved few times to find some places where we could tuck into and fish. We had a nice morning and with each outing we are experiencing and learning more about fly fishing for striped bass on the Jersey Shore.

     There were some fish to be had as a friend of mine landed a 29" weakfish that went over 8 pounds. That fish will feed his family tonight for sure. It is great to see the weakfish showing back up. Another friend landed a few bass on bucktails, and a keeper, but out of season now, fluke.

     I was really happy when I got home and saw some triangular packages lined up at my door. The 10 wt Orvis Clearwater rod that I ordered was delivered as were two rods that went in for repair. Many thanks to the folks at the Orvis Rod and Tackle Department. They work making new rods and repairing broken rods that customers send in. They have been a great help to me as a customer and endorsed

guide over the years. This latest round of repairs couldn't have come quicker as this week I have several trips where the clients will need me to provide rods for their use. Basically as a guide you need a fly rod for each client to use, as well as a backup rod shouldn't one get damaged during transport or use.


If you ever have a chance to visit Manchester, Vermont, stop by the Orvis mother ship and ask for a tour of the Rod Department. If you've never visited a rod department it is a sight to see, especially when there are people in the shop working.