Monday, September 9, 2013

09.09.13 So you want to go check out albies at Breezy...better have sent in the paperwork

     Its fall again. The emails and phone calls are coming in looking for walk and wade and boat trips. Nowadays there a lot of "Any albies yet?" and as of now the answer is no. But, soon they will show up and fly fishing guides and charter captains and private boat owners will be out on the hunt for those telltale blowups when albies are on bay anchovies.
     In order for party boat and charter captains to work in New York waters a permit must be applied for and in possession when out on the water. Some will skirt the issue telling their sports to just tell anyone that checks, "Just tell them we're friends." Not only does it happen with this permit, but also non OUPV (six pack) licensed "captains" taking people out fishing as well. We see it on the Upper Delaware as well.
     The permit for the 2013 calendar year is $250. Add that to the other plethora of permits, licenses, and insurance that guides have to maintain and it's easy to see why a day on the water with a captain and a boat runs $600. It's just another addition to the CODB- cost of doing business- running list that we maintain.


This week I will be out with clients on the beach and rocks and may take a run on the boat looking for fish other than the big blues that have finally showed themselves. I hope the albies don't show before I get my permit back from New York.

Photo by Mushmouth

Tonight I'm heading back up to Ausable Forks and then to Roscoe in the morning. Hopefully it's my last trip cleaning out and relocating our "stuff" from the Adirondacks to the Catskills. No matter what shape I'm in I'll be on the beach early Wednesday morning.