Friday, September 20, 2013

09.20.13 Ron picked a beautiful fall morning to fish....

     Had Ron out for his first trip in the salt this fall. We hit it last winter and will be at it in the boat in a few weeks. So today was a refresher and primer.....mission accomplished. Also, Ron snuck this trip in before heading out later today to attend the Orvis Fly Fishing School at the mother ship in Manchester, Vermont. He'll have fun going from throwing the 10 weight all morning to the 5 weight all weekend. He should have a great time up there with the wife as the fall weather and leafs are in full swing up there. I had to get him to smile as this fish was smile worthy! This one's a little better.

     We started with a few hours left on the incoming and found some bait and bass eating. We flossed a few and even had a few on that came unbuttoned. It was great sight fishing to swirls and jumping mullet. We had some big full-moon-tide-surf as the flood ended and we both were soaked down to our socks.

    At the turn we picked up a short bass and a fluke and again went tight a few times. Elimination of slack lines on the cast, and in the water, helps the line go farther and keeps the hooks set. It was a great morning for us fishing all alone with the only other people out were a few surfers.