Thursday, September 19, 2013

09.19.13 C'mon guys.....we have to be better than this

     Made a quick stop to the rocks about 2 hours into the ebb. Lazy surf, flat, no bait, no birds. From a friend a he caught a nice an fat 27" inch fish this morning on the still incoming tide.

     As I made my way down the rocks I noticed an especially bright blue bag sitting next to some clam
shells. No doubt someone soaking clams finished up and just left. As the fish arrive and more anglers get out it's important to remember to take your garbage with you. "Your mother doesn't fish here!", and if she does, you're old enough to clean up after yourself.
     What's funny, well not really, is there are several trash receptacles that you have to pass to leave the beach and rocks. C'mon guys.....the angling community is better that this.