Saturday, September 14, 2013

09.14.13 Beautiful fall Saturday morning.....

.....but I guess the fish decided to sleep in.

     Was out on the rocks at 3am just at high tide. Started underneath with  black Kinky Muddler following a Pulse Disc that I worked hard but couldn't garner up a strike. Went to topwater throwing a black Bob's Banger with out splash.
     Went north and walked a beach for a few blocks throwing the popper with more of the same results. Jumped back in the truck and headed a little south settling in on a groin tip where the Banger looked tasty as first light arrived. A few spin fisherman had a short fluke-a-thon and one caught a cocktail blue as the tide ebbed.

     The ocean was flat and even at high water low. I didn't stick the water but it felt like a bathtub which is a change from the cooler temps we've had following the south winds. As with everyone else looking for things to break open. Everyone is saying, or hoping, it will happen this week as the full moon arrives. Patience, patience, the meantime just keep throwing.