Friday, September 6, 2013

09.06.13 Love finding those triangular packages on the front stoop....

     Always a welcome delivery. Today I received my 11wt H2 just in time for the fall. I should have brought it along tonight fishing from 8pm till midnight. It was a ho-hum night popping the beaches in two towns before checking on a third. All night there was a west wind with flat seas, till about 11. Then Mother Nature blew from the northeast at 15-20 and the surf came alive. With the wind came the cool air and it really started to feel like fall. It was a b%tch trying to cast on the north side of the groin and just as difficult from the beach. I was happy with 25-30 foot casts throwing a black Kinky Muddler after switching to a 300 grain line. I didn't land a fish but had one strong take which made my night. The other angler out had two casting metal a mile, one which was just short at 27-1/2 inches, which he rightfully returned to the water.
     I'll miss the salt for a few days traveling to the Adirondacks to finish clearing out the houses and then heading to Roscoe to move the stuff in there. Fishing down here should be good the next few days. Can't wait till next week when some clients will join me to fish.