Sunday, September 8, 2013

09.08.13 Back from ADK's and the Catskills....and 0 for 3 before first light

     Spent the last two days driving from Asbury Park to Lake Placid to Roscoe back to the Jersey Shore. My and my best helper, my 8 year old daughter, made another run emptying out the Ausable Forks houses before the closing in a week or two (fingers crossed!). The Roscoe house is getting clened out and up and will home base for guiding on the Upper Delaware rivers next spring. That means no more Capra Motel and the expense that goes with it! The Roscoe house is getting new roofs and gutters and a paint job this fall. I think I'm going to have them put some new Bilco doors in also.


     Even though I got in late I couldn't wait to hit the salt. Came up with a plan and picked a town and had the beach to myself. Was on the beach by 430 am and had three blowups on a popper before first light. Made the move to find some friends that I figured would be out but they must be trading early morning fishing for the first Sunday NFL football games later in the day.
     I did run into Leif who always makes a strong fall presence throwing Snake Flies at first light. One beginner spin angler was out and landed three shorts after finding a pod of fish in a groin pocket. I didn't see much for bait or birds and the west wind had the water calm except for the rollers on the incoming tide that broke at your ankles. Liking the idea of some late night fishing tonight. Should be the start of a good week as the beach and boat trips start up.