Wednesday, September 4, 2013

09.04.13 Beautiful day out lookin' for some gators.......

     I fished last night from 10 pm until 3am. By the time I got home I was tired. I was up and at it by 7am and soon on my way to Monmouth Beach and Sea Bright to photograph the ongoing beach replenishment projects, yes, there's more than one that's happening along the Monmouth County beaches. On my way there I got a call from friend and fellow guide Captain Joe D., aka Joe Demalderis, that he and Upper Delaware guide Brandon Alexander were in Atlantic Highlands and getting ready to head out in Joe's boat. "Do you want in?"Joe asked, "Mmmm, it's really not a good day, but, I'm in", I amswered.
     We headed out in some snotty NW wind and went on the hunt for bluefish. There's been reports of some cocktails and some gators around if you know where to look. As the day went on the wind died and turned around and it made for a great day out on the water.

     After a few hours we found some life and some company looking for the same fish. Some boats drove around, some drifted, some anchored up and set up a slick. We saw fish coming over the rails but it was a tough and slow day for everyone out there. Capt. Joe found us a nice school of big blues and the above 13 pounder fell to a Bob's Banger. We missed a few and had a bite off but really the day was about getting Joe's boat wet for the first time after Sandy related repairs and just sharing an afternoon and fishing between friends.