Friday, September 27, 2013

09.27.13 We're putting the time in....results are imminent

     Fished with Dave this morning looking for his first fish on the fly rod. We've been working steadily and we're just waiting for things to line up. We are close!
     Today we started in the dark not wanting for the bass to feed without us. As light arrived we saw some bait and a swirl or two but it was slow going from then on. We had a nice chop to work the standing waves along the trough and as I watched him swim that fly along I was just waiting for a bass to jump out and bite.
     I remember the day my buddy Al told me the story of when he started fishing for striped bass. In was in the 1950's. He fished for THREE years before landing his first bass. And he wasn't fishing just on the weekends are during the "hot" times either. That was 50 odd years ago, and he is still at nearly every morning I'm out there.

Good things come to those who (work hard) and wait......