Sunday, September 29, 2013

09.27-29.13 Nice fall weekend in Roscoe....

     It is a beautiful time to be in the Catskills. Fall is in full swing and the air temperatures are nice around the clock. Headed up after a salt trip Friday with my daughter and my dog. We settled into the house in Roscoe and had a nice night before being joined by the rest of the gang on Saturday.
     Saturday morning Erin and I ran into Hancock where I saw some friends getting ready for their drift boat trips on the Delaware. (Fishing has been real good and there's more to have so get up there while you can. I'm available for a float trip so call me if you are interested, 732.261.7291.) We had breakfast at the Circle E with my friend Sherri and then I introduced Erin to Ray Turner. Turner runs Delaware

Delicacies Smoke Houseand sells smoked eels, trout, other fishes, and cheeses. Ray was great with Erin and gave her a tour of the operation and showed her the 32 eels he had harvested that morning from the East Branch. If you haven't been there, come out of Hancock towards Cadosia, make a right on Rhodes Road and take it to you can't go any further. Signs along the way will help you out.

     I picked up some smoked eel and trout and mozzarella, none of which was a hit with the kids, or the wife for that matter. I brought the packages right to the table....and that was a mistake. Oh well, more for me. The rest of the weekend was great fall cleaning, some painting, farmers markets, bon fire at  night, and breakfast at the Roscoe Diner before heading out today. Time to get ready for a trip in the salt in the morning.