Thursday, September 26, 2013

09.26.13 Great day out, and about, today with Mike...

     Through a series of bad truck events that happened to a friend I got to fish with Mike today. I got a call yesterday to see if I could help out and I was glad to. Mikes been fly fishing for a few years and a handful of times in the salt, including a trip this summer to one of my favorite places, Newport Rhode Island. 
      We got out in nice weather and water and had fun with wind and against tide when we got out front. Tons of birds working over hickory shad and cocktail blues. At times it was like a washing machine and Mike did well and learned to use that leaning post to his advantage like a pro. 


      Since 'You don't leave fish to find fish!", we stayed and went over some instruction and technique while landing a few more fish. Then we went looking for heads (like they say on the Upper Delaware), but really birds, bait, blitzes or blowups.
     We went across the pond and it was quite with several boats riding around or blind casting. Of course we were hoping to see albies but not a sign while we were there. We stopped on some obvious structure and fished before breaking for lunch. This morning I grabbed some subs from my buddies new place, the Red Bank Sub Shop. Mike ordered a tuna sub. Now you know that goes two ways- delicious, or, shit. Mike said it was an excellent sub. I had a turkey and provolone and mine was just as good. Well made and good bread! Stop by and see Canio and tell him I sent you.
     After lunch the E wind started blowing 15-20 so we gave it a shot before heading in the back and working some spots on the end of the incoming tide. We had a great day with a lot in common, mostly multiple marriages and lots of kids! He did a great job in some slop and we were glad to catch a couple of fish, no matter how small they were.