Tuesday, June 25, 2013

06.25.13 CROCS on the beach in Deal....


     Anyone that knows me knows that my favorite footwear around the year are CROCS. I wear them in all seasons, although I have moved away from the fur lined ones in the winter because mine always smell like, well, ass.
     I woke this morning at 4am and headed to the beach still thinking that my two-handed popper approach will sure to drum up a striper off the end of a groin. With high bright sun and temps getting into the mid-90's today first light is the best time to find a bass that will act like a bass. Usually and hopefully.
     I made my way out to the end and started my 100 foot casts covering all the water on the north side. The easy S wind only helped add distance to my casts which this morning went rather far. During every strip I waited for a blow-up, boil, or follow. I did have a few small blues swirl behind it but that was it.
     I changed beaches and found birds picking at sand eels just inside the sand bar. I switched to a sand eel pattern and went to work in the rip again waiting for a strike that just never came. As I watched the water I noticed something getting tossed around in the wash. As I looked closer I realized it was my favorite shoe, a black CROC. Soon it was up on the beach and I went over to inspect it. It was a size 13, which is my size and relatively new. I walked the beach to see if I could find the other one but to no avail. I am sure that by summers end I will find a near match. So if you see me with two different color or style CROCS on sometime you know the story, well at least half of it now.