Saturday, June 8, 2013

06.08.13 Two Canon G12's on their way back to Virginia

     Hit the UPS store in Neptune with a pair of Canon G12's all tightly back in their original packaging for the drive, flight and drive to the service center in Virginia. After spending the night in rice the one that got wet yesterday would power up but wouldn't respond when the buttons on it were pushed. The other one from the header I took in the wash a few weeks back.....nothing. You remember that. I caught a nice fish, wanted to keep it in the water for a quick pic. Well when I went down on one knee I rolled over into the wash and was like a turtle on it's back.

     I went down to check conditions today just two hours before high tide. Big waves, big swells and off color to brown water with lots of grass in it. Looks like it could be good for a clammer today or after a few tides and the NW wind cleans it up a bit.