Thursday, June 6, 2013

06.06.13 Yesterday it was off the beach, today it was on the beach.....

Can you find the big bass in the above pics?

     I had my 7 year old and her friend in the truck and we were heading to Wendy's for a cheap meal. I had my camera with the long lens in my truck so I decided to see how the surf was looking in anticipation of a beach charter I had for tomorrow morning. As I drove down the Avenue I noticed more and more cars and trucks parked in the usual blitz fishing locations. If you're parked here.....your pretty much guilty of looking for big blitzing bass. 

I pulled into a popular street and there was only three cars there.....for about 15 minutes. one guy in broken English was telling us about a blitz that happened before. He brought over a shorter fellow that in broken English described something you may see on the cable show "River Monsters". I stood there looking out to the ocean concentrating on one boat that was closest to the beach. Then I saw what he was talking about.....he yelled....."Kraken!". And the other guy whipped out his cell phone, and the shorter guy whistled.......and guys started jogging down.....and cars started pulling into the street. Welcome to blitz fishing along the Jersey Shore. 

     I met one guy who knew me through the blog. I met another fellow Asbury Park Fishing Club member Eric. He's a good fisherman who catches a lot of big fish. I watched him calmly walk out on the end of a stub groin and start to cast. It wasn't long before the fish moved in close within range and he hooked up. I only stayed to watch one fish caught....and kept. I didn't want to see what may happen

if those fish came in closer and pinned bait in the pocket. When I got home and before I started editing the pictures for this blog post I went onto Facebook. And yep, sure enough, there were pictures up showing guys dragging off big fish. Here's an example below- this was posted on New Jersey Fishing Reports by James Buonanno Jr. 

I am glad I left when I did. 

From New Jersey Fishing Reports- Facebook