Saturday, June 15, 2013

06.15.13 Beautiful way to to start the day.....and caught a bunker

     The boat was wet before 430 a.m. and after a good run I was right where I wanted to be. Watching a beautiful sunrise and on the grounds where the bass were to blow up on a breakfast of early morning bunker. Well, I got to see the sunrise. 


     Covered lots of water and found more bunker than you could ever count! Looked around, in, and under the schools for bass or blues patrolling the fringes. Couldn't find one that would take a fly. I went big, as in the below Jim Matson tied fly with a Pulse Disc, and a smaller chartreuse and white Deceiver. 

One thing is for sure, people love to fish for fluke. Of the 150 boats that were out I'd say 146 were fluke-ing.  

I am looking forward to hitting the beach nice and early tomorrow before enjoying a day with my kids for Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to you, or your dad, or a dad you know.