Sunday, June 2, 2013

06.02.13 First time fly fishing......15-20 mph south winds.....Hey, why not?

     What a great morning. Last night I got a little worried that we wouldn't get Victoria's first fly fishing trip in. The weather, and winds, were looking crappy starting midday but you really don't know until that very moment. I stopped by Allenhurst at 430 a.m. to see how things looked at front and the winds were starting to pick up. However when I got to the ramp things looked much better, albiet the river, but I figured we'd give it a go.
     Out in the Raritan Bay the winds were blowing S at 15-20 and we had a little choppy ride out. Victoria didn't mind at all and was eager to get to work fly fishing for her first time! Fly fishing for the first time, in the salt, with a 9 and 10 weight, on a boat, in 15-20 mph winds- that's pretty darn cool.
We had big bluefish on our first drift and it was entertaining throughout the morning. They would start to crash 50 feet out and follow sometimes all the way to the boat jumping out of the water when the teaser or fly were being taken out of the water.


      We made continuous drifts over the blues that kept on crashing until the tide died around 10 and then it got a little slow. Victoria was more interested in getting her casting down then actually catching a fish. She did great especially with that strong tail wind. We finished up with an introduction to a 350 grain sinking line (loved it!) and then the single and double haul.  It was a great morning with a great lady who is absolutely in love with fly fishing. I look forward to fishing with her again.