Sunday, June 9, 2013

06.09.13 If this is what the big bass are eating then I'll need a different fly....

     Out before first light and was able to catch a beautiful sunrise. Hit the rocks on the incoming. Great looking water and great timing as the swells were breaking on the bars creating lots of white water, at least for a while. Went from big flies to small without a bump. Saw a bunch of anglers dotting the ends of the rocks and only saw one short caught.
     I made a move as the rollers came in closer to the beach. On my way up the beach I was looking down for sharks teeth, sheds, big plugs, and found this conger eel washed up on the beach. If the bass are eating these I need a different fly!
     Soon the sun was up high and the surfers and other anglers were out in force. I found a short groin to call me own and fished some real fishy water. I know we call it fishing but the absence of resident, micro, schoolie, and even small or large bass in the surf has me puzzled. Not every bass is on the bunker. I managed one flat fish for my efforts and I was glad with that. It's been that dry on the beach and rocks with the fly rod.