Friday, June 7, 2013

06.07.13 Double handed fly fishing....a big double fail....and my waders come in the mail

     Well it's been obvious that there's bigger fish around and they are on bigger bait. My charter today postponed till a later date so that left me ready to fish. There was a steady rain and a decent wind but that made for lots of white water and good conditions. 
     I went with my 13'6" spey rod and busted out my selection of bigger bunker flies. I tied on a Jim Matson 8" fly that I hoped would get a few bass' attention. I loaded up my Orvis Gale Force backpack with my fly wallet, tippet, keys, phone, and of course camera. I made sure all the zippers were tight and slung it over my back and hit the rocks. I felt good to be out but was surprised that no one from the small army that arrives every afternoon wasn't out fishing. I had it all to myself.
     It had been drizzling and soon it turned to a good steady rain, steady in up and down and then sideways. I had the outgoing tide and a few hours in I wanted to get a pic of the great looking conditions I had. I swung my pack around, undid the zipper, and reached in for my camera, which was in about an inch of water. I pulled it out and it came out dripping. In a panic I unzipped the smaller front pocket where my iPhone- in a LifeProof case- was with my keys. I reached in for it and the pocket was a quarter full of water. I looked at my iPhone and I could see water on the screen as water emptied from inside the LifeProof case. My day was done.

     I hurried back to my truck and took out the camera battery and dried the camera off as best I could. It was done. My iPhone was a bit better, at least it turned on, but it didn't respond to my touch, even with dried off fingers. I went home and tried the rice in a sealed bag trick and prayed for a miracle. The camera is $500 and the iPhone is I don't even know but if you go to buy one they're almost $600. It was a very expensive day to say the least. 

     Lesson of the day- is- whatever lesson you could take from this. I guess water proof and water resistant is not 100% always the case, no pun intended. 


After I wrote this post the UPS truck showed up in front of the house. The driver dropped off a box from Orvis, it was a new pair of River Guard Silver Label Bootfoot waders. I had a seam rip out and sent them in Monday and got the quick turn around I needed. Special Thanks to Orvis' wader guy Tim Daughton for seeing my predicament and helping me out. You can see Tim below talking about the new Orvis Silver Sonic waders.