Tuesday, June 4, 2013

06.04.13 Beautiful morning but no bass bite.....

     Started out real early this morning. Wind from the north at a good clip. Fished hard on the outgoing for a few hours without a bump. Saw lots of bunker, dolphins and a few whales.....just didn't get a bump on a trio of different flies. Saw Al in the distance so I took a break and we sat on a bench like two buddies and shot the shit for a while. After he left I went back at it with more of the same results. Nada.

     After a day of organizing the boat, truck, and fly boxes I figured I would take a ride down to the beach to see if the late afternoon looked as good as this morning and to see if anyone was fishing. I did find anglers, but they were waiting and watching more than casting and catching. Blitz fishing as they call it. Getting a good groin tip spot, waiting for the bass and blues to push the bunker up and in, and they cast large poppers and plugs trying to get a strike. I stood there for a while watching each groin end get filled up with anglers ready, and waiting, to cast. I left before anything happened, I wonder if it did?