Sunday, June 23, 2013

06.23.13 Gave the "Supermoon" night and early morning a shot...


     Even though I got home Saturday morning at 3 am from the Upper Delaware I was ready to get up and fish the super-moon of 2013. I had my alarm set at 230 am and I hit the pillow at 1130. That would give me 3 hours of sleep. 
     I woke up in a panic at 410 am after, I guess, hitting the alarm "Off" button at 230. No problem, but my plans changed a bit, and I think for the better. Once outside I saw and made the above image of the moon. The super-moon occurs when the moon is slightly closer to the Earth that it normally is, and it is more noticeable when there is a full moon, as happened today. So late last night into early this morning the moon was closest to Earth as it will be in all of 2013, a mere 221,000 miles, which is closer than it's normal 238,000 miles. 


     Instead of heading out front I did the smart thing and dropped in at a close and easy ramp. Spent the morning casting to the sedges and watching cocktail blues chase my popper and bait around the top. Fly fishing from the bow of a Jones Brothers 19'10" is a great on mornings like these, and even in big chop out front. With a casting platform/leaning post for your use fly fishing in that fall snot is a blast, and very productive. 

I am booking trips for the fall salt both on the beach and in the boat. Blues, albies and bass are a great threesome to fish for along the Jersey Shore. Check your calendar and pick a date and send in your deposit to get something locked in on the calender. 

If you are looking for a great gift for the new or seasoned fly fisher you can purchase a gift certificate that they can use on the beach or boat on the Jersey Shore or on a float trip on the Upper Delaware.

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