Sunday, January 20, 2013

01.20.13 If yesterday's wind was is was howling

     We all like the W winds. Today we had a west wind.....but is was blowing around 20 with gusts to 25. The above picture gives a little idea what the west wind did to the incoming waves and tide. Fished for about and hour and half on the end of the flood tide. Had a fish take a crab fly early on then it was quiet after that. Watched as the clammers had a steady pick of fish to 27 15/16 ths or 28 inches depending on who was reading the tape. I have to say they measured each fish.....but that one better not shrink a bit by the time it leaves the rocks.
    Word is its going to get cold this week.....might slow things down a bit with the fly....although the clammers are in all their glory right now.