Friday, January 11, 2013

01.11.13 Birthday bass...but they weren't easy to get

     Went down to the inlet and gave it a go before first light. I was looking for a birthday bass (yep it's today- 45) and didn't get a nibble there. The best present I could have got was the strategic placement of the above Porta-John located in Bradley Beach. Thank You to whoever put it there.
     Headed up Shore and settled in for the balance of the outgoing tide. I had the place to myself and tied on a the below fly which I tied up last night. It didn't take long to get a taker and I caught a fish for every decade that I've been around. I caught five if my math was correct. I had a few short strikes and tail swipes and did feel a heavy fish that I dropped after going slack reaching for the reel. Slack is always bad.
     I followed the water out fishing out to the end of the rocks before ending the morning shift with an hour left on the ebb. I found the E wind a joy, along with some waves and white water, but the water was off color with the appearance of lots of suspended sand. I revisited the same place about three hours later and hit the end again and had no luck on the super skinny incoming tide. I don't think this evenings high tide will produce much at this spot....I just didn't get that fishy feeling there all day.