Sunday, January 13, 2013

01.13.13 No fish fishing two-handed...but clams worked for others...and a great day for a fly casting lesson

     Got out a few hours into the ebb tide. Bigger water, bigger waves, bigger debris in the water. Found  a bunch of guys out inching their way out on each set of rocks as the water dropped. Found my own rocks and went with the two-handed rod today. The water looked better in the pics then I found it for real. Didn't have a bite but saw two guys on the beach next to me catch two keepers, one to 33", on clams.



        I only fished a bit and then had to get my equipment together to meet Victoria for a casting lesson. I love teaching beginners that are eager to learn about fly fishing and to catch their first fish on a fly. We had a great time even though the 50 degree day felt like 25. Women are such great students. They tend not to "hero cast" and unlike guys let the rod do the work. We had some nice tight loops to 40 feet and left off with the haul. Hopefully this "mild" weather will stick around so we can do it again.