Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01.09.13 Got out for 28 minutes today...but I'll be alone in a few hours

     Sometimes other aspects of being in the fishing business and life get in the way of fishing. That was the case today. I did sneak out on the top of the tide and fished for 28 minutes, I know because I timed it. As I approached the rocks several guys were walking off after several fish were caught on the end of the incoming.
     With "word out" that some anglers have been catching fish for, well, say, a month.....there is increased traffic and pressure. That coupled with some milder weather and it'll be elbow to elbow going into this weekend at the usual haunts.
     I prefer to fish alone....well...I prefer to have a client with me....but when I fish it's with a friend and that's it. So tonight I tied on a fly that guide Charlie "Bunky" Limpert gave me in December when he came out to fish. It will be my one and done fly for the morning. I am thinking at 430 A.M. I should have the place and the fish to myself....if they are up and hungry.