Tuesday, January 15, 2013

01.15.13 Hit the rocks with the Pulse Disc...and if you want to know what they're eating...check the poop

     You might remember at the Somerset Fly Tying Symposium the Pulse Disc booth that was set up in the back corner. I found it on my last round of the exhibition floor. I was drawn in and soon became intrigued by the product. The inventor Jim explained how the discs works. It is tied in with the non-slip loop knot and gives the fly terrific movement in the water. I was so impressed that I purchased the discs in three sizes. You can visit their website HERE
     In December I received a mystery package that came from Jim that included various future innovations including some larger flies with matching Pulse Discs. Yesterday I got an email hinting that my fishing in turbid water might improve with the use of the Pulse Disc, so today I decided to give them a go. 
     Today was colder than yesterday, high tide a little less high, and the water green with plenty of white. The swells kept anglers on their toes, especially me with a fly rod working close to the rocks. I tied the Pulse Disc on a fly tied with a Fish-Skull head. It really moved the fly around in the water and when held in the current it, well, pulses. It no doubt helps the fly perform better. I had two good takes, with one coming unbuttoned at the rocks, and the other a missed hookset, which I didn't think much of.
     I switched flies after watching the birds coming up again, and again, and again with rocks crabs in their beaks. I went with a 2/0 Clouser in orange and white to match the color of the crabs. By this time the ebb current was in it's second hour and was starting to move. Over the next hour and a half I missed three more fish- unable to get it done. I wondered if it was me, the Pulse Disc, or maybe the smaller sized fish. I fished alongside three other anglers, one out front with a Vision Eel, and two others with Bucktails- all connecting on short bass. I had to be a little careful as I went to my old Simms waders, yes I wore Simms waders, that had the metal worn down to nubs on the soles. I almost broke my ass twice. So I couldn't fish from where I wanted to, working my way out to the front as the tide dropped. 
     When I got home I gave Jim a call and we talked about sizing the disc properly to the hook size being used, retrieve styles and fly movement, and if and how the disc might interfere with setting the hook. Jim has done his homework on this and has put them through the ringer out on the water. I will again try the Pulse Disc and this time the stripers will be brought to hand.

Jim and his Pulse Disc will be at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show- stop by and check it out and buy one to try out for yourself. 

     After fishing I stopped by another groin and took a walk out to the end. It was dead low tide and I wanted to scout the new mine-rock-field that had be created post Sandy. What I noticed here what was on the rocks. In the first picture you can almost picture a bird eating the crabs in one end and passing them out the other. The birds are on the crabs.....and so are the bass. Talk to someone who has kept one, and ask them what's in their stomachs. The bottom picture is more proof. Crabs...it's what for dinner, and breakfast, and lunch.