Saturday, January 12, 2013

01.12.13 Found one populated groin...but there was plenty of room elsewhere

     I knew there would be a lot of anglers out this morning. Saturday. 50 degrees at 8 o c'lock. Fish in the surf. Oh yeah, and something called the internet, cell phones and social media. But hey, the ocean is big, we have 117 miles of shoreline here in New Jersey, and if you want your own space when you fish, you can find it. Just maybe not today on one groin that I visited. 
     I had a sleepover "slumber party" with my daughter and my dog last night. My wife was away so we took advantage of the extra space. With her away I was grounded this morning. But after sleeping in my daughter and I took a ride down and made some images. As we approached our first stop I thought there might have been a blitz on, but there wasn't, just a slow pick of shorts to what I think was a keeper sized fish out on the end. 

    On our second stop we found a fly rodder fishing both sides of the rocks. It was the start of the outgoing with NNW wind but lots of white water to fish. It should be a nice weekend to get out and fish- no matter where you fish or what or how many, if any, you happen to land. Fishing in 50 degree weather in January is all right by me. 

My daughter snapped the below picture and asked that I include it in todays blog post.