Tuesday, March 27, 2012

03.27.12 Getting ready for the bunker attack

     After getting the CCG yesterday in the mail and trying it out on a bunker fly yesterday I spent most of my time in bed last night tossing and turning dreaming how I could tie some really good bunker flies.   When it comes to tying there are a million different ideas, techniques, methods and rules. I think the best way for me to tie is trial and error. Sit down at the vise, tie some flies, and then take them out and fish them. I enjoy going to the fly fishing and fly tying shows and listening to the famous tyers and their presentations. One of my favorite is Bob Popovics. During one of his talks he demonstrated how he builds a fly, from a drawing on a paper all the way to the vice. It was a great idea and I find it very helpful especially when trying to tie bigger flies.

     Last week I became part of the Regal Engineering endorsed fly tyer program. For a year I have looked into vices and what tyers are using what brand and I feel that Regal is the best fit for me. I placed an order and today received my vice via UPS. Since I tie mostly saltwater flies I ordered the Medallion Series Vice with the Big Game Jaws. You can check out their website HERE, in addition to the products they sell there is a list of some of the top tyers that use Regal vices.

       Above are some of the bunker flies I tied today. I used the CCG on the heads and mixed four colors of yak hair for the bodies. On the top one I cut and then dubbed a body out of yak hair that worked well and helped me keep a larger profile. I have some tweaking to do and then will take them out to cast them and see which style I should make more of.