Wednesday, March 7, 2012

03.07.12 Caught without a camera at the Manasaquan Inlet

     I was down in Point Pleasant today and grabbed lunch at Joey Leone's, which... may be sacrilege to say, but it was horrible, and took a ride to eat it at the Manasquan Inlet. I ordered a chicken cutlet on a round roll with wet mozz, lettuce and balsalmic, ate half and ditched the rest. It had no taste, zero. After that and on my way out I spotted this newly constructed tower at the Fisherman's Memorial at Loughran Point. It's a artsy wind chime on a pole with a solar panel and light attached to it with a box down near the base. I have seen an anemometer's before and this doesn't look like one.

I didn't have the time today but I'll find out what it for, and why it had to be put right on top of and blocking the Fisherman's Memorial.