Friday, March 9, 2012

03.09.12 Plan on tying a bunch this weekend...

     After dad duty I made the trip up to Effingers and purchased a bunch of materials to tie this weekend. I am going to concentrate on some large bunker flies, Deceivers and Clousers. On my way home I forget to get some red bucktail so I motored down to L&H and got it and some yak for the bunker flies. I still have to finish up tax stuff and it's the Asbury Park Flea Market which I have to help set up for on Saturday and then work on Sunday. Even if you don't use a spinning rod it's a cool show to go to and see the amazing artistry and workmanship that goes into some of these plugs.

     Went out tonight for about an hour and a half in Asbury, saw one short caught on a bucktail. Threw some large Clousers, both dark blue over white and chartreuse over white, both without a bump. The wind was NW at 17 kts and the swells came every 7-9 seconds making it just a little more fun.