Sunday, March 4, 2012

03.04.12 "It's beginning to look a lot like spring..."

     I think we should consider taking reservations for space on the rocks this spring, kind of like a golf course does. It's going to be a super busy in the next coming months. It's always busy, but for some reason I am predicting that it will be even more packed and annoying out there then it usually is. I don't know if it's because the fall bite never ended or if word has got out about fishing the beat between the Hook and the Manasquan Inlet. 
     This morning I took a ride down to Allenhurst and spoke with a lone angler who was just finishing up. He had 7 fish from first light till about 9 am, in to different spots a town apart. The water looked nice and I figured I'd come back at high tide this afternoon. Around 3 I got a call from my buddy Al who said he saw a guy catch a short on Allenhurst. I stuck with my plan and first stopped in Asbury and was surprised to see anglers lined up in the distance in Allenhurst. I figured they must be on some fish. I took the ride over and saw the guy from this morning getting out of his car. We both accused each other of letting the word out that a fish fish were caught this morning. There were 15 guys fishing 
when I got there, with only the one short caught. 

I went back to Asbury and watched as The Head Hunter out of Manasquan chased birds around from 8th Ave to Convention Hall. I didn't see any fish come over the rail but they had the whole ocean to themselves.