Sunday, March 4, 2012

03.04.12 The Jonsey looks sweet after a long spa visit

Before the makeover
     Well I got the dreaded call most boat owners hate to get, " You're boat is ready to be picked up". That means don't forget your checkbook, credit card or lots of cash. When I bought my 20 ft Jones Brothers LT Cape Fisherman it was in need of a serious makeover. It had some horrible bottom paint issues and a few scrapes that needed repair, a bent and chipped skeg, rollers that were loaded with bottom paint, and stickers that needed to be removed and the whole boat just needed a good cleaning and polishing.
     Through a recommendation I took the boat to Gateway Marine in Belford and after listening to the plan they had I went with them. I had researched soda blasting it, stripping it-using several different products and techniques, and just re-paining it. However I plan on trailering the boat and don't need the bottom paint at all. My friend Dave told me to do myself a favor and spend the extra money and get rid of the paint. So I did, and does the boat look great. I had them put new rollers on the trailer while it was there as the other ones were going on 15 years old and were loaded with old bottom paint. The skeg repair looks great.


The only thing I wish is that the trailer was brand new, that way they both would match. I can't wait to get her wet and make some trips to the Raritan Bay and Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers to start the season.