Friday, March 2, 2012

03.02.12 Out for a scout on Raritan Bay...and another vessel abandoned in a usual spot

 Early spring bass fishing on the Raritan Bay.

     I got a couple of emails from anglers inquiring about some early season striped bass fishing on the Raritan Bay so I decided to take a ride and see how things were looking. I was scouting at low tide and didn't expect to see too many anglers out. I found the above angler soaking clams at Cliffwood Beach without a bump while I was there.
     Earlier in the week I wrote about the abandoned yellow kayak that is perched on a groin in Deal, well, today I found a much larger vessel at one of my early season stops...this one I think will be around for a while. I would think it made it's way here after Hurricane Irene late last summer.

     It won't belong before things start to heat up back here as bait and predator fish take advantage of the warmer water temps in the back bays and rivers during the warmer days of spring. I started today in Keansburg and worked my way to Perth Amboy. I know that down near the Shrewsbury River the seals are staying put feeding on herring and will check out things down there early next week.