Tuesday, May 24, 2022

05.24.22 What a difference a day makes....

     That's 30 inches of love, actually just over 30 but not 31. Hit it before and after work today. Both outings on the same tide and in the same spot. Tonight it was two fish on the same fly. One just a tot that I thought was bigger as I was creeping out far and hitting good moving water. The big fish, well, 

felt big because it was big. I'm glad I using the 11 wt, now with 300 gr sinking line so I don't donate more flies. Had a few close calls with the rocks but managed to free it up. As I was making my way to a different spot I reached down to a rebar-grab that I use to jump down. I looked over and saw the tail of a large water snake. I wasn't much for me, but if you get skittish around snakes, this one would have got you good. 

     This morning it was 515 am when I hit it, throwing all topwater and was lucky to get one as a reward for 5000 casts. Throwing a popper, well working a popper in water moving right to left isn't easy. It's a cast, can't really go upstream as you can't keep up with it, across the current, a swing with some pops, and then stripping it back in under you. This one swirled on it and then "blew up", I know that's a stretch for a fish this size, but it woke me up as it hit just as I was ready to get to work.