Monday, May 16, 2022

05.16.22 Scenes from a skunkin'...

      A day past the Blood Moon and a storm on the way with a good tide, time to go fishing. Got home, switched cars and was off. The air was hot, humid and windy, the conditions that occur right before a blow, and it blew. Rain, hail, and big winds. It didn't take long for the runoff from the land

to dirty off and bump up the water. But I felt confident I was going to catch, more like delusional. Stayed four hours, 530-930 pm. Wife loved that. Made my way up and out but turned tail when I 

realized I was a tad bit early to get to my spot, in the end it didn't matter. Leif had told me herring were attracted to slashes in the water, and I thought the runoff coming from overhead would call them and the bass in. I did see some flashes and swirls tonight but couldn't connect or get a tap. 

     As quick as the worm came it left and the evening was nice, except where I could fish I think it was a tad off color. A guy near me landed three, the biggest 24 inches, casting way out. So the question is, is the fat lady starting to warm up her voice? I sound like when I quit in December, and then fish a dozen more times. You don't know if you don't go, but to be honest, something is telling me it's over, the big major migratory push has come and gone, the drop backs have dropped and turned tail, and what may be left are some stragglers, some smaller fish, and the little residents that stay put until they grow up, but I hope I am wrong.