Monday, May 9, 2022

05.09.22 Can we get back to some normalcy...

     So it looks like we are past this latest spring storm. There is a rain gauge down the street from my house and it states we got 1.09 inches of rain. Funny, doesn't seem right as it rained for three days and we got some water in the basement. But look what it did to the Delaware. Went from 12,000 to over 30,000 cfs, and dropped the water temps from 62 to almost 52 degrees. Cool weather is great, but the swings aren't good. 

     As far as the striped bass, it seems the consensus is that the spawn is over, and the fish are high tailing it back to the salt headed to Martha's Vineyard or Block for the summer. But they can still be some opportunity to catch some of these drop back fish and ones that stay around for the summer. It will be fun to drop some rod sizes down and stop chucking that 450 gr line. And then we are all waiting to see what happens this month on the beaches. Could this year be like the 2012-13 late springs?