Thursday, May 12, 2022

05.12.22 Nice way to end the day....

     High sun. Bluebird skies. Very warm air temps. That gave way to a nice cool evening on the outgoing near low tide. While fishing for big fish is fun, and addicting, there's nothing better than getting out and getting a trio each time you go. The fish went from small to nice, 1, 2, 3, in that order. The first one was hungry and caught a mouthful of material looking for a meal. Number 2 

ate deep and fought better than its size, and the below fish was a good one. End of the cast in the outer seam between the currents. This one took some line before I could turn it. I am enjoying

shooting the fish in the water post release and just snapping hoping to get something good captured. It's now pocket season time, where the fish hold on the dropping water or tide in those "Huh, there's a fish there?", spots. I'm still with the 11 wt and 30 pound leader, they may see it, but I have to get them in. I hope this weekend the rain keeps the water cool and maybe churn it up a bit, right 

now the water is gin clear, so they have time to study and decide on your offering unless you're in moving water. Below is the after work gang, didn't see much catching going on, but they are having a good old time. No fly rodders there.