Sunday, May 8, 2022

05.08.22 Happy Mother's Day...

      Another year, another shout out to the Mom's in my life. I have a bunch. First my Mother, Linda, I have known her for 54 years, she's been with me through thick and thin, good and bad, highs and lows. We have shared so many good times together. Don't know if I have missed a Mother's Day with her, maybe when I was working for the Newark Fire Department. But today she is a resident in sunny Florida with her granddaughter Lauren and loving it. Love you Mom. 

     Then my other Mother. I hate the word "step", for both parents and children, it just sounds degrading, always did. I have known Patty for, say, 42 years.... That's a long time. That's through a lot of shit. It's funny I am a second Father, call it Step if you want, to Theresa's three children, but I came in in the bottom of the ninth inning, a lot easier, although there are always challenges with divorce, but I can't imagine doing that when the kids are young. Patty has been there since I was 12, brother 7, and sister 2. No Thank You.....check please. And for dealing with can't repay you enough for that. 

     And my wife, Theresa. Great with all of the children. From Patrick, Tara, Juliet, Sean, Lauren and Erin, and with the late Ryan, they are always on her mind and she is always ready to do whatever she can for them. She treats them all equally pretty much across the board, well except for that one favorite. Thanks Bud, love you. 

     And to my children's other Mother's, Michelle and Cindy. Thank You for all of the work that you have but into the children to make them the best they can be. Not always easy, but your love and support has and will pay dividends back. Enjoy the day.

     These are my siblings. Where we are today by the hard work and dedication of our parents, but today we'll make it all about the Mom's. This picture is a tad dated, about 15 years old when we came together to celebrate my Mom's 60th up near Poukipssee, where Jessica was attending the C.I.A. 

     As a fireman I exclusively worked with men. EMS mostly men. Nursing almost exclusively with women when I started, now it is just mostly woman. Now, as a nursing instructor, I am again the only male in the department. So far I am blessed to work with these great Mom's. I don't know there kids but if they are in any way at home like they are nurturing nursing students at work then I'd say they have done a pretty good job.