Saturday, May 14, 2022

05.14.22 Caught a guide ride...

     As I was making my way in water that was just a tad too high I got an offer I couldn't refuse, a lift to a spot that isn't accessible by foot. It was a drop-off, kind of like in Survivor, dropped off, fend for yourself, and then a pick up when you're done. It was nice to have my feet on solid ground and be able to air some casts into moving water. Had one tug but that was it, it didn't matter, it was a great learning experience. One thing I learned, the delusion "That if I could just get there.....", isn't always true. I'm fly fishing, it's different in the big river, and limited to how far you can walk and cast out. 

     After my trip I settled into my honey hole of the last few days and didn't get a bump. That's okay, because after 1,000 casts in the same spot it gets a little boring. Had guys to the right and left that caught on top water stuff, so, after I got home I went looking for my stash of Fish Skull Surfacer Seducer heads to tie up some poppers, but I couldn't find one, at least the bigger version. As I was looking I found an old, really old popper, I had used years ago on bass and blues. I threw on some extra material and that was it. It has rattles inside, like BB's, so that should help, we'll see. Don't judge. 

      And just to condition stamp, conditions today, May 14, temps up, water back to normal flows.