Monday, June 29, 2020

06.29.0 They're back....

     When I got to the beach the other night at 230 am I looked up the beach to see what looked like lights from the Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Later that morning I took a drive and found the source. Heavy machinery and workers at it pumping sand and "replenishing" the beaches north of Pullman Ave in from of Plaza Court and Adams Street.

     This contract calls for 200 feet of replenishment down past Pullman Ave near Park Ave. Its a shame because that stretch has been carved out nicely and has been holding fish even at lower water, well it was before the S winds started to shoal things up. The homeowners along that stretch must be happy, Frank Pallone keeping them with their own private beaches with little public access, and hardly any parking during the day to enjoy the "public" beaches.