Monday, June 1, 2020

05.31.20 "I'll give you 5 dollars for every herring....."

....bounty on the herring. When I heard that I went back to my truck and got a herring fly. Guy said he caught a bunch of school to 32" inch fish over the last week, with pictures to prove it, after using herring. I explained to him its illegal to possess and use, and he didn't know that, in fact he said he came to the Jersey side because he checked online and "you can keep up to 35". You know when you believe someone, even though they are wrong, I believed this guy. 

     So I threw my big fly for hours on the incoming. Nothing. There was a boat hatch on the river and it looked at time like a bass tournament when the boats kind of got in the same stretch. I went ugly! I tied on a Ring Garfield "Ausable Ugly" and it was game on. Tons of white perch and micro striped bass to be had, I just wanted to see if there we any bigger bass looking for smaller stuff in the mix. After about 6 fish I was done. 

     On my way out I saw a guy in a boat. He was one of the first guys I met last year. He showed a fish he caught the day before on the PA side. 44 pounds. Dead low. From the pipe........He kept it, illegally. So I watched him set up, drop anchor, and begin live lining....something. Over the next hour he had a bunch of run offs and landed maybe six bass, one looked over 30 inches. Not saying he was using herring, but.....