Monday, June 15, 2020

06.15.20 Today wasn't a fishing day....

MV Yard Day 3. Well we woke up to overcast skies and wind NE over 20 mph. Took a drive, a very bumpy one, over to Lake Tashmoo to check conditions. Hopefully I'll get to spend some time there before this trip is up.

    We decided to take the quick ( 5 minute) ferry ride over to Chappaquiddick Island which was both our first time there. Drove around aimlessly before finding a parking spot at Katama Bay, near Wasque Point. The tide was just about out but we took a walk and I bought my rod making some blind casts. As we were walking back and I had everything wrapped up I spotted a bass on the prowl. I tried to get a cast off but I was a hot mess and it just didn't happen.

    On the way back I stopped at Sege Pond and jumped out on the flat. Incoming tide, some sun breaking through, but the wind continued to blow. I did see clouds of sand eels which is probably why I got them last night. These are the one inch sand eels so in order to match the hatch I set up

shop at the kitchen table and tied up some bait for u to use tonight. Theresa tied her first fly so we will see if she gets in done tonight, all by herself, on a fly she tied. Should be good times if the wind dies.

     We ran next door to Sengekontacket Pond around 730 after having a barbecue with out neighbors at the inn. We were just in time for the end of the incoming and then just near slack the bass, all 14-20 inches of them, started blowing up on sand eels. Something else was in there because my 12 pound tippet kept getting bit through. Small blues? Maybe the big hickories like I caught last night? Theresa had one on but enjoyed practicing her casts out of the sun and wind. Tomorrow is looking real good at Tashmoo, I got a good feeling.