Monday, June 8, 2020

06.08.20 Last Jersey before the Vineyard!!

     Had a drop-off in Red Bank so I hit the beach mid-morning. Gt there just before dead high and fished the outgoing. Had a AMC tied on and my goal was to sight fish only. The sun was high and bright and water gin clear. Soon I spotted a nice big bass that was running solo in the trough. Was able to follow up and down the beach and get six casts off without a look. It was frustrating.

      Walked up and down the beach about 4 miles, mostly back and forth with the sun on the flat, and spotted a duo from the rocks that I didn't have a shot at. Just before leaving I had another solo fish on the look but didn't have a shot as it was going away from me. No sign of bait or birds, but a nice day and a good primer for the Vineyard. Heading up Saturday and from what I gather it'll be open for business, hopefully open for a couple from Jersey.

     Since I'm getting sick and tired of estimating a fines length, I broke out the electrical tape. 18" for the fluke, 28" for the bass, and for fun 34". It's that time of year to catch some good fish