Saturday, June 13, 2020

06.13.20 Well we're here in the Vineyard......

     Day 1 Martha's Vineyard. On the road at 3am and got the 930am ferry over from Woods Hole. Quick bite at the place next to Larry's Tackle Shop and with check-in at 4pm, and the incoming tide and high bright sun, there was only one place to go, Menemsha Pond.

     But first......its different at least as the islanders get back to normal. People don't like Covid New Jersey Mother F'rs..... you can feel the "what are you guys doing here?" when you talk with people. Second, its masks everywhere, even on the beach. No, worries, I'll gladly social distance on Red Beach. One of the biggest disappointments was the Chilmark General Store being closed, they aren't opening until June 16th. Thank God we are staying down island because there's nothing open up this way if we were staying this way. 

    Ok, Red Beach. Great conditions. Good but I just sucked. Maybe just to excited. Had fish, maybe two dozen swim within my sights.  My $3 polarized glasses are the wrong tint so they burn my retinas as I peered into the shiny water coupled with the bright sand. I have always resisted being "Costas" or whoever is the hot eyewear brand, and now I know why anglers buy them. I couldn't see the fish for shit, I think they were playing tag with me just to piss me off because most times when I saw them they were just about underfoot.  No matter which way I turned my head the vision through them never changed. Casting, sucked, at least at first. I tied on a looonnnngggg leader and tippet, probably 12 feet, which made the 20" usual sinking line tippet feel a mile long. I wanted to decrease the chances of the fish getting line spooked.

      I fished three hours, "Thanks Honey!", and got one, had maybe 6 other fish I should have caught, and saw about 24 total. Below is my one year Facebook memory. Same Bat time same Bat channel.

    The place at The Island Inn is great, right next to Sedgekonacket Pond, I mean right next to. I'll explore through the golf course and private property over the next few days. I'd like to tell more but its 619 PM and the tide in the pond is going to flip soon.....this is not a fishing trip!!!!