Wednesday, June 17, 2020

06.17.20 Last full day on the Vineyard.....

.....last day "not a fishing trip". I really wanted to hit Tashmoo before  we left so why not. Conditions have to be timed just right and perfect for sight fishing and if not you might as well just go and try and see into the dark abyss of the flats. Remember, I am here to sight fish. Dredge fish up in the Menemhsa and Tashmoo will catch fish. I just want to see them eat, period.

    We started our 12 minute wild and bumpy ride and when we came to the inlet....overcast with a dropping tide.  This could be a fishy spot. Bob and Joe always talked of Tashmoo, mostly in the fall when the allies come into the inlet, which is possible to cast to the other side. I made a few half-hearted blind casts into the crystal clear water and had one tiny guy follow it in. I just hoped.

Many times I could see my shadow for a split second behind me and I would stop and turn to see if like Moses parting the water the clouds had picked a side for the sun to break through....forget it. It wasn't going to happen. 

 The inlet proved to be a great place for Theresa to practice casting before we packed up and trucked out. She thinks I'm a lousy casting instructor, a show-off when I demonstrate, doesn't she know I'm a two-time FFF Casting instructor failure? I knew it was the last day and I wanted to find some fish, I

was getting desperate. So I asked if we could stop at the golf course so I could walk the flat. I went with. small white bunny fly and while walking the sand meets the grassy bottom I picked up two and missed a few others. The sun did peek out and by dinner it was out and the flies or mosquitoes started to bite, how and how, because the wind died. The water was flat. The temperature raised. It was a entirely new feel. Tomorrow will be good somewhere on this island, we leave at 130.

     In other island news Joe and Suzanne are over on Block Island and they have been finding fish by boat and beach. Joe said the sand eels are the 3-4 inch version and from the look at the calm beach it looks like you could probably see them slurping them up as the day turns to evening turns to dark. 

 And lastly tonight as we sat in Edgartown Harbor eating clam bellies and a BLT with ice cold Sam Adam's Seasonal we were watching our Lauren virtually "graduate" from Red Bank Regional High School. She did he family proud and will continue her journey at Rowan University, where Ryan started in the fall of 2014. One more chick left in the nest as Erin moves up to 10th grade at RBR.