Wednesday, June 17, 2020

06.16.20 Blue skies honking wind....

     It was such a nice idea to bring the bikes on this trip. Nothing better than having the wind at your back as you head around the pond and then have a 20mph headwind going back. All the while having my ass parted on a seat designed for Lance Armstrong. Theresa loved it, and I owed her. 

     So what to do. 1030am. Was thinking Tashmoo but, in my can't try anything new I asked if we could head back to Menemsha. A quick stop for lunch to go at R&B's (highly recommended) and we were on our way up island. A quick stop for a slice at the now open Chilmart Market, and the most delicious raspberry tart at Orange Peel Bakery near Lobsterville Road. 

     We had it timed just right. Incoming tide, high bright sun, however lots of wind. I was hoping with the skinny water we would get to sight fish. Forget it. I walked up and down that whole stretch and saw 3 fish, maybe one shot, but if mating horseshoe crabs would eat a fly I would have been golden. With the wind bring junk, grass, and with that brings shadows, and I was chasing them all afternoon. 

At first I spend an hour blind casting the drop-off without a touch. Very frustrating. For a bit we both sat under the umbrella all lathered up with sunscreen trying to stay out of the hot sun that was even felt through the wind. We headed back and broke out our lunch for an early dinner sitting in the park in Oak Bluffs. While the temptation was to ask to fish some more, I started to realize that this wasn't

going to be the trip. It wasn't me, my lovely company, or anything. There's just mostly small fish around and you have to put in a lot of time to catch them. We stopped at Sengekontacket Pond just as the sun set to "see if it was going off", which meant school sized bass eating 1/2" to 1" sand eels. We decided to call it a night and spent some time binge watching Law and Order before calling it a day.