Thursday, June 11, 2020

06.11.20 T-minus two days.....

     Can't wait. Hope the weather cooperates. High bright sun, no clouds, and no wind. I haven't and won't look at the weather forecast, I'll just take is as it comes. We were scheduled to stay in Vineyard Haven but that fell through as the resort went to 'Owners Only" as they reopen from Covid-19. We were lucky to grab a place for 6 days at The Inland Inn in Oak Bluffs near Sengekonacket Pond, which is one of our regular haunts during the week, either during the day or at night. 

     I went ahead and purchased a RTIC 65 cooler because our other place was shared kitchen only, this one has one, so we'll be set going forward for a good cooler, exactly like a Yeti, but much cheaper. I think I'm all packed up, just need to get a new fly line on and make sure my crab flies are all lined up. Sight fishing here we come, I hope.