Wednesday, June 3, 2020

06.03.20 It's that time of year....I hope

     While most striped bass fisherman concentrate on those baits that swim one of my favorite baits are crab flies. Those guys that have "graduated" from bait to fly fishing can recall those years when raking crabs, specifically shedders, were the ticket to a good striped bass. 

     One my years of internet "search" I couldn't talk about crabs, without mentioned Sand Fleas, aka Mole Crabs, without giving a thumbs up to MC55, aka Mike, from Stripers Online. He is one that I have seen use these and catch fish, at times big fish, when nothing else is going on. At times when I'm sharing the beach with Richie, I'll grab one of the ones he raked up, squeeze it, and put the juice on my own fly, the AMC, or "Archers Mole Crab". 

     My new house no garage so most of my "stuff" spends the winter months under a large tarp. This spring I uncovered it and found my crab fly box floating in a plastic tub full of water, no doubt one time frozen solid in the cold months. Most of them have changed color, rusted out, and are no longer usable. This box was my friend last summer when I walked the flats in Marthas Vineyard sight fishing for striped bass. Having told Leif my story he dominated the top crab fly. Joe gave me a new tie he came up with this year but two won't do, so I'll have to get behind the vice soon before our trip June 13th.........Oh yeah the trip.......

      We are booked for the week of June 13-20th on the Vineyard. Ferry is all booked. Massachusetts was all ready to open up for vacations June 1st, then that got moved to June 13th, now who knows. I have my fingers crossed and am not cancelling anything until the last minute. MA has come up with a four phase opening plan but it is confusing as to dates when looking that up online. 

Joe Pheifer photo
 Joe got out and got one on his crab fly this past week. Fish pictures always make a post better.